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Saarinen brings international flavor to Barron Newburger

Barron Newburger attorney Lynn Saarinen recently traveled to Panama City, Panama to visit family members.   Her story illustrates the ties formed between Americans working in the Panama Canal Zone and the country where the canal is located.    Her paternal grandfather came to the Canal Zone during the Great Depression to work as an electrician.   Her maternal grandfather was a tug boat captain on the Canal.   Her mother was born in the Canal Zone and her father moved there at the age of five.   Ms. Saarinen was born in the Canal Zone as well.   She moved to the United States for her education.   However, many members of her family remained in Panama.     At around the time of the Panama Canal Treaty in 1979, President Torrijos declared that anyone born in Panama or whose mother was born in Panama was a Panamanian citizen.  As a result, Ms. Saarinen holds dual citizenship and carries both a United States and a Panamanian passport.    She speaks fluent Spanish.